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ICO vs STO vs IEO: What’s The Difference? Pros & Cons of Each

The security token offering function similar as an ICO with the basic common difference that investors undergo to purchase a regulated financial asset with high security in a tokenized form. We will also discuss the potential future of STOs and what experts have to say about them. As security tokens are rising in popularity, more and more potential investors and businesses are searching for information about STOs. There are low barriers of entry for launching low-cost platforms that are popular for trading ICO tokens.

Active social media campaigns have now become a common process to promote token offerings. Between the crypto booming years of 2012 and 2018, scammers took advantage of this high market demand. STOs were created in response to the token issuers who sold tokens without considering relevant laws or regulations. STOs were created to be a secure version of ICOs that are compliant with all laws and regulations.

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STOs allow issuers to give out forms of ownership, ranging from equity to assets. This allows room for issuers to get creative with their STOs to attract investors and create a mutually beneficial token. ICOs are subject to very little regulation, whereas security tokens are required to register with governments and https://globalcloudteam.com/ adhere to regulations. KYC is oriented towards making sure the money involved is not being used illegally or for illegal purposes. Thus, the main procedures involve validating the identity of the investors by demanding governmental documents as proof of identity and other details like residence and nationality.

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An investor can build his portfolio with STOs by buying a portion of an investment without having to spend a significant sum of money. Trading is possible around-the-clock on STOs, which is not feasible on regular markets. Traditional trade marketplaces are often only open during working hours since they require human care . Contrarily, marketplaces for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are open around-the-clock, which improves liquidity and boosts total trade volume. Blockchain is very important during an STO since it frequently affects whether investors choose to invest or not. However, many investors as well as some bond funds place a high value on STO tokens.


Just like the stock markets, investors gain profits if the tokens increase in value from the initial launching price. A Security Token Offering is a fundraising method that combines the traditional features of an IPO with the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. In an STO, investors purchase digital tokens representing company securities, such as shares or bonds. These tokens are backed by tangible assets, such as property or revenue streams, which makes them more secure and regulated than ICOs.

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As explained in our previous article, a security token can be backed by the company’s assets such as shares, the right to receive dividends or grants for voting power. This clearly provides a much more solid and safe investment for the investor who believes in the company’s future. Other countries have different sets of regulations, but with similar high-level objectives of information disclosures and investor protection as the American regulations. In the UAE, Abu Dhabi Global Markets published their first guidelines in October 2017 on how token offerings and virtual currencies can be regulated. Such support from the authorities would attract innovators, and encourage them to incorporate their companies in the country and raise funds through regulated STO processes. Also, there is no lock-up period for trading the security tokens registered under Reg A+, unlike Reg D and Reg Crowdfunding (where there is a lock-up period of 1 year).

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These tokens can be traded based on the price of their underlying asset. Almost everything about an IPO and an STO equity token are the same as they both represent shares in a company. Equity token holders are similarly entitled to a company’s profit and even have the right to vote like a shareholder. The main difference between a traditional stock and an equity token is how the ownership information is recorded.

  • Unlike ICOs and STOs, IPOs are typically conducted by more established companies with long track records and more established business models.
  • As a result, Security tokens were issued using Security Token Offering .
  • Since security tokens are not as volatile as traditional cryptocurrencies, they can offer more stability and an opportunity to earn profits.
  • Once the shares are publicly traded, the company becomes accountable to its shareholders and is subject to greater public scrutiny.
  • In that year, St. Regis Aspen Resort launched its first ico security token through a project on Indiegogo.
  • Active social media campaigns have now become a common process to promote token offerings.

ICO vs STO processes.In contrast, STOs are launched with regulatory governance in mind. They are registered with required government bodies, meet all the legal requirements and are 100% lawful. Your access to this site was blocked by Wordfence, a security provider, who protects sites from malicious activity.

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On the other hand, STOs involve the use of tokens that are backed by real-world assets. STO offerings are entirely compliant with the law and backed by assets. A native platform & decentralized apps are accessible through ICO tool tokens, on the other hand. This translates into a substantially lower entrance barrier for ICO in practice. An STO is much like an ICO that is supported by real-world value rather than the token’s quantity or the price set by its founders.

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STO tokens that are issued work as a security for the right to receive any monetary gain/claim on the issuer when accrued. SEC STO provides rights to its holder quite similar to ordinary securities as in the case of shares, voting, or dividends. As the marketplace gets more sophisticated, there will be fewer scams and fraudulent offerings. Wary of the recklessness observed in 2017 and early 2018, the investors will express a greater demand for security tokens backed by assets. The process behind initial public offerings is expensive and time-consuming.

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For ICOs, the main advantages are ease of issuance and quick access to funding. In the case of an ICO, a new token can be put onto the sto development company market with ease. With only a small investment and some rudimentary coding skills, essentially anyone can release their own token.

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