23 octubre, 20230

Updating Your Board Room Technology to Support Hybrid Working

In a time when we spend between 35 and 50 percent of our working hours in meetings the technology that power these spaces must be current. The right collaboration technology such as an integrated video conference system or a state of the-art display, could make a significant improvements to productivity.

Unfortunately, outdated technology in conference rooms can lead to $37 billion worth of unproductive meetings each year. This is a significant amount of time wasted on AV solutions that don’t function as intended. Modernizing the technology in the conference room will enhance the experience of everyone in the room and allow hybrid working arrangements.

A good starting point to upgrade conference room technology is to review the current displays and audiovisual equipment that is in place. Determine the ideal resolution for remote involvement and meetings that are collaborative. For example, choosing an HDTV with an impressive resolution like 4K UHD ensures that meetings are as clear and crisp as they can be.

Advanced audio also has a huge impact on the experience of participants in meetings. The soundbars with integrated audio from manufacturers such as Poly and Crestron automatically concentrate on the voice of each participant and give crystal clear audio to everyone in a meeting room. This allows distant attendees to follow the conversation, and can make the meeting feel more personal for those who call in from outside of the https://boardroomspace.com/why-board-members-need-to-understand-esg-standards/ office.

Wireless presentation systems eliminate the limitations and distractions associated with traditional cable connections. Multiple people can connect and share screens at the same time and work with a variety devices without costly adapters. Together with a powerful UC system like Dialpad this kind of technology allows users to schedule meetings on any platform – including Microsoft Teams, Zoom Webex, Google Meet and BlueJeans.

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